Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why siblings?

There's a story behind why we decided to be placed on the siblings waiting list.  When we were struggling to get pregnant, before we started the adoption process, we had been asking for prayer from our small group.  We asked them to pray for us to get pregnant.  At some point one of the members of our small group informed me that she had been praying for us to have twins.  I thought that was interesting since I did not ask for prayer for twins.  Because of that I hesitantly marked siblings on our adoption application thinking maybe there was something behind those prayers.
After our application was sent in, I freaked out and I called the agency and said, I really did not mean to mark siblings, so we are really only applying for a boy or girl.  Shortly after that, one of Mike's coworkers told him that he had a dream we had twins.  We both were asking each other, "What does that mean?".  So, not too long after that, maybe a week or two, I felt this strong urge to call the agency back and say, nevermind, we do want to be approved for siblings.  At that point, we were already approved for siblings because the person I spoke to before did not uncheck the siblings box on the application.
The same day I made sure we had been approved for siblings, and just so you know, I did not discuss this with Mike before doing so, I shared with him what I had done when he got home from work.  He said, "that's very interesting because during my quiet time today, I told God, I will be OK if we adopt two children".
And, another little tidbit, we felt God lead us to two girls names.  Now, I don't know if that means we'll end up with twin girls or we'll even end up with twins period, but we certainly felt led to be open to siblings.
I am looking forward to the day we get our referral and we will be thrilled with one boy, with one girl or with two of either gender.  We are following God and this is His thing.  Whatever He has for us is wonderful.

By the way, our waitlist numbers for January are 86 for a girl, 65 for a boy and 33 for siblings.


  1. Hi Heather. Nice to meet you. You are right, our numbers are so close together we could very well end up traveling together. I can't wait!

  2. oh so glad you linked up! You are right in front of us on the wait list :) we might be travel buddies!!!