Sunday, October 16, 2011


When Mike and I first started the adoption process, we were happy to adopt a baby because we knew we could handle that.  We weren't sure we could take care of an older child who had been through trauma, suffering and separation and loss.  Not that a baby wouldn't come with those same issues, but the older child (older than 12 months) will remember or at least be more aware of what he/she has been through.  As Noah has gotten older, it's been a little over year since we started the whole process and we still most likely have at least another 9 months of waiting ahead, we figured we were able to increase our age parameters.  But, just because we can increase the age parameters, doesn't mean we should.  But, the more we've thought about it lately, the more we are certain this is the right thing to do.  Most of the people on our waiting list with our agency is waiting for a baby as well.  That means there are less families open to adopting the older child(ren).  There are many older children who need homes just as much as a baby does.  We know that with increasing the age parameters comes different healing processes and care for our adopted child(ren), and we weren't sure for a long time that we could "handle" it.  We are realizing more though that we have God on our side and He will give us what we need to care for His child(ren).  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phillippians 4:13.
A couple of things that happened recently that helped seal the deal for me are a recent family reunion and a song we sang at church.  At the family reunion, I was reminded of several family members who grew up in orphanages.  Knowing that they did not have a mother and father to care for them at no fault of their own, but I am sure they desperately wanted a mother and father really was an encouragement to me to care for other children in the same circumstances.  If I could go back in time, I would have stepped in and taken on that role for my family members had I been able to.  Mike and I are in that position now, so why not?  Also, the song we sang by Jeremy Riddle at church a few weeks ago brought back vivid memories of the gotcha day video I'll post below.  It solidified for me that this is what we need to do.  All orphans need a family, and we want to be that family for at least one or two orphans.  Now it's a matter of making those changes to our paperwork.

Ok, so I have no idea how to actually put the video on here, but trust me, you'll want to click on the above link and watch this gotcha day video.  It's just precious!!!!

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